Electronics Systems Technology Schools - Education Options

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Enrollment in an accredited school or college can help you to receive the quality electronics systems technology career training that is needed for success. Opportunities exist at different levels and areas of specialization in order to help prepare for a number of exciting careers. Once the decision is made to enroll in an accredited school or college, you can begin the training process and become the professional you dream of being. Education options are offered by electronics systems technology schools. Start by learning more about electronics systems technology programs and enroll today.

Different areas of training are available to give you the chance to prepare for the career that is right for you. Making the decision to specialize in one area can be done by learning more about the options available. Studies can be completed in areas such as:
By selecting an area of study and enrolling in an accredited educational training program, you can prepare for the career you dream of. Studies can be completed at various levels depending on the area of study that you have chosen to enter. Obtaining an accredited certificate or degree can be done at the:
…levels, depending on the career that is being pursued. Making the decision to obtain a higher education will help you to follow the path to the future you desire. By completing the required training you can enter a number of professions.

Opportunities for employment in electronics systems technology are available based on the level of educational training that you receive. You can expect to enter into careers working as an aerospace engineer, electronic repair technician, system designer, computer technician, mechanical engineer, technical support specialist, and many other positions. In order to enter the workforce you must first obtain a higher education. Once this task has been completed you can find work in numerous places that require professionals with this type of training. In order to prepare for a career you will need to complete the required coursework.
Coursework will help you to receive the skills and knowledge that is necessary to be successful in the career you choose. Training will involve a variety of topics in order for you to obtain the training needed for your chosen profession. You can learn computer repair, control systems, communications, technical math, networking systems, and much more. Once a higher education is obtained you can enter into the workforce prepared to utilize the skills you have obtained. You can also study in engineering, digital signal processing, troubleshooting, and much more. Start the path to the future you dream of by enrolling in an accredited program today.

Accredited electronics systems technology schools and colleges can provide the best possible education. This is due to full accreditation, which ensures that a quality education will be received. Agencies like the Accrediting Board fro Engineering and Technology (ABET) can fully accredit qualifying programs that meet all criteria. You can begin training by finding a training facility that meets your individual needs and goals and enrolling today.

Technology enlightening education

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Technology has been changing the world ever since the dawn of history. Century by century the human race has sustained ever change. Today that we are living in 21st century, our lives are so much dependent on technology. Since birth till the very last breath, we are all surrounded by technology (i.e. Hospital machineries).this technology has been doing wonders in several domains of our lives. One such domain is the education sector.

The education rector today has changed a lot with the introduction of technology in it. And this change is for good. With the advent of technology in education the entire concept of education has gone to an all new level. Technology is so prevalent in today's classroom that they no longer look like traditional classrooms. Here are some exhibits-

Presence of computers in classroom- Every class in today's scenario has at least one computer. This, one computer changes the entire traditional setting into a modern one. This computer does wonders in the classroom. This is the case in primary education. The story is apparently different for students pursuing GCSE training or A level training. Over there, every student has his/her own laptop rather than books. What a change.  

School Websites: Gone are the days when teachers used to write notes in students' diaries, give away written materials to study, print outs of holiday home work etc. Now all these information are available at the school website. Every student has an account on the website with a unique id and password. A student can login with that and seek out all the relevant information tailored specially for his/her peer group. Life made easy.   

White boards and projectors: Technology has swept away the traditional boards on which teachers used to write with the help of a chalk and rub it off later with a duster. Now classes have white boards used for multiple purposes. A teacher writes on it with the help of a temporary marker, while teaching the students and also uses it as a screen to the projector attached with the computer in order to give multimedia presentations. Indeed, the education system is getting high tech.

Educational blogs and forums: The education is no more confined to only the classroom walls. It has rather become global. Students from all over the world brainstorm over different educational topics over educational blogs and forums with the help of internet. This way, students have now started thinking on a bigger and broader perspective. They think not just locally but globally.

Wireless devices and online training: There are several wireless mobile devices that have changed the educational scenario to a great degree. These devices include smartphones, tablets, notepads etc. With the help of all these students now study on the move. They access to several online courses gain what is called as extra education along with their regular courses. Students are certainly becoming smarter.

The above exhibits are only few of the myriad exhibits backing the fact that technology has changed the entire education system to a great extent and it will keep changing with the advancement in technology.

Online Radiologic Technology Higher Education Career Training

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Radiologic technology careers require you to gain an education in order to enter the workforce. You can pursue a career in this field by looking into online schools and colleges that offer career training in this area. By enrolling in an accredited online program you will have the opportunity to choose the specific area you would like to specialize in. Areas of study include Sonography, x-ray, ultrasound, and more. Online radiologic technology higher education career training programs allow you to gain a variety of certificates and degrees, in order to begin your desired career. You should choose the program that fits you personal goals and needs and complete all required training.

Associate Degree - Completing an accredited online associate level degree program will prepare you for a number of exciting careers. Two years of study is needed to obtain your degree and you will need to complete a variety of coursework. Studies may include subjects such as:
  • Patient Care
  • Physics
  • Instrumentation
  • Pathology
…and more. Training in these areas will allow you to work as ultrasound technicians, sonographers, x-ray technicians, and many other professions. Training for an associate degree online may require some hands on learning, but will give you the skills to seek employment.
Bachelor Degree - You can earn an accredited bachelor degree in Radiologic technology in as little as four years. Training will consist of a variety of subjects based on your desired career. Coursework may cover:
…and more. Online training in these subjects will prepare you for a number of careers in the field including working in hospitals, laboratories, outpatient care centers, and other medical facilities. An accredited online bachelor degree program will prepare you for the career of your dreams.
Master Degree – You can earn an accredited master degree in Radiologic technology by enrolling in an online school or college and completing between three and five years of training. You will need to study a variety of subjects based on your desired career but may learn:
  • Radiologic Protection and Exposure
  • Positioning
  • Ethics and Health Care Law
…and other related courses. With a higher education you will gain the skills needed to succeed in careers like radiation oncologist, diagnostic radiologist, interventional radiologist, and more. Gaining an accredited education will help you to succeed in your career.

Choosing a level of education will help you obtain in depth training that is focused on your career goals. Coursework for all levels of study and careers may include a variety of topics. You can expect to attend courses in health care, chemistry, anatomy, radiobiology, patient assessment, and more. You may also be able to study dental radiography, scanning techniques, medical terminology, and a variety of other course subjects. This will help you gain the skills that will be necessary for all careers and levels of education.

When you choose to gain an accredited online education you will be receiving the best quality education available to you. Online radiologic technology schools and colleges that carry full accreditation are approved to provide you with the education you need and deserve. There are numerous agencies like the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) that can accredit educational training programs. You can research programs in order to find the one that meets you needs and goals and request more information. Start the path to an exciting new career by enrolling today.

How Can Technology Improve Education?

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Advances in technology have allowed teachers to move beyond traditional methods of education, which primarily rely on the use of text-books and verbal instruction. At one time, a student's only exposure to technology was found in a basic computer class. Now, technology has enabled the creation of various teaching and learning tools that can "demonstrate concepts, assign projects, and assess progress."

The drawback with incorporating technology into education, though, is hesitation by U.S. schools to utilize new educational tools and methods. Other nations around the world are looking for ways to integrate technology and education, while we are still questioning whether this merge should take place at all.

Kenzek points out the following 8 ways in which technology has proved effective in instruction and student progress.

1. Improved simulation and models can assist teachers in demonstrating difficult concepts and specifically help students that are visual learners.

2. Global learning exposes students to other cultures and puts them in touch with other people around the world.

3. Virtual manipulatives allow students to experiment with unfamiliar concepts and ideas.

4. Probes and sensors allow students to collect data, compute statistics, and analyze results quickly and efficiently.

5. A more efficient assessment of student progress can be made and monitored with new forms of technology.

6. Storytelling and multimedia encourage teamwork and excites students.

7. E-Books create a level of ease, convenience and visualization that isn't available with standard print textbooks.

8. Epistemic games put students in real-world situations and train them to use innovative thinking.

New technology has helped to make positive changes in education by rapidly advancing instruction methods, which allow for greater student retention and progress.
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How to Buy a HDMI Splitter

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Most video devices today are supporting high definition multimedia interface (HDMI). This multimedia interface allows the production of high-quality video and audio output. Among devices that support this high definition multimedia interface are video players, particularly Blu-ray disk and HD DVD players and game consoles, such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. For people who have all of those devices, connecting them to a television or other HDMI output devices will be quite problematic, especially if they only have one television to output the HDMI data that are produced by those devices. Problem usually occurs because when there are a lot of devices that have to be connected to one television, they have to unplug cables frequently. If you experience the same problem, you can use 1x8 HDMI Splitter so that you can connect your HDMI devices to one HDMI output device without the hassle of unplugging cables.

You can buy a HDMI splitter conveniently from the internet. When you want to buy a splitter, however, there are several things that you should keep in your mind. Firstly, make sure the splitter that you buy is compatible with your devices. Remember that HDMI technology is a developing technology. Some high-end HDMI devices may not support HDMI connector that is usually used for old HDMI devices. Secondly, make sure you choose an active splitter, which is equipped with switcher, instead of a passive one, which usually causes many problems, including audio and video corruption and dual display problem. And thirdly, make sure you read carefully information about the splitter so that you can install it properly on your devices.

With HDMI splitter, you can now enjoy all of your HDMI devices without hassle. Therefore, consider purchasing one if you have a lot of devices to be connected to a limited number of HDMI output devices.

4 Ways to Give More Effective Feedback to Students

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Among the top concerns of online postsecondary students according to studies like the Noel-Levitz National Online Learners Priorities Report (2011) are the clarity of assignment expectations and the feedback provided by faculty. The irony is that faculty work hard to provide both; yet, most feel students pay little attention to assignment directions or feedback given. The usual recommendation for faculty is that they look back over the weeks of a class because they’ll usually see some improvement in students’ work. However, this improvement isn’t nearly as much as we would like or expect to see. As Marvellen Weimer recently quipped: “[Faculty] should be getting a better return on [their] investment” (5 March, 2012).
Clearly, there are some disconnects at work here; therefore, here are four ways to give more effective feedback to students.
Rubric Power
Most faculty know about rubrics, basically a score card where the main expectations of an assignment are provided along with a score range at each level and a place for comments. Although rubrics are common, few instructors seem to apply them in ways that are truly helpful for both learning and teaching.
First, rubrics should be created with much forethought. Students can not master all of the course outcomes with one assignment; therefore, activities are typically scaffolded to create a smooth learning path to those final outcomes. Rubrics should also reflect that same scaffolding; they should be carefully composed and clearly presented so that they are user-friendly. If you aren’t sure how to create an effective rubric, this YouTube video provides a nice overview of some online rubric generators:

Second, they should be presented on the first day of class; placing them within the syllabus can be helpful as students will see from day one how the class will progress, what steps will be taken to get them to the final outcomes of the course content. It’s helpful for faculty to give a brief overview of this progression as well as the importance of the rubrics.
Finally, the rubrics need to be used when assignments are evaluated. They should be completed with an explanation of why the student met/did not meet each criterion on the rubric to clarify why the assignment received the final score it earned. Additional feedback should be provided to offer the student some tips on how to progress to the next level of demonstratable knowledge and skill. As Heidi Andrade suggests, “Students should be able to use rubrics in many of the same ways that teachers use them—to clarify the standards for a quality performance, and to guide ongoing feedback about progress toward those standards.” These completed rubrics should be attached to or pasted into the students’ assignments so that they have both the evaluation and the example of their work for future reference.
Comments should also be used elsewhere to guide a student’s work. The “comments” feature in various software programs can be helpful in pinpointing specific examples of where the student demonstrated strengths, improvements, and weaknesses. These should be balanced so that students don’t feel they were just ripped apart on an assignment and that their work had no value. On the other hand, even when a project meets or exceeds expectations, comments should be made at the text level to guide students forward in gaining more advanced knowledge and skills.
Additionally, students should not be overwhelmed with repetition or too many comments in-text. As a composition instructor, for example, it’s helpful to focus on one or two major weaknesses in grammar or mechanics by commenting on the first couple of occurrences. I often highlight one or two more without comment to draw the student’s attention to it. This allows the student to see their tendency toward a certain weakness, and guides them toward learning to spot and correct those occurrences in the future.
Within the assignment, holistic comments are also helpful. Pointing out at least one strength that was demonstrated throughout the assignment or that you are seeing demonstrated on more than one activity is helpful to students. Similarly, a general comment on any tendencies toward certain weaknesses and how the student could improve or maybe is showing signs of advancement is helpful. Asking Socratic questions like: “How could you use this strength on your next assignment?” or “How could you reduce the occurrence of this weakness?” can provide teachable moments that will benefit students as they move forward.
In general, keep in mind that comments should be evaluative and instructive rather than simple labeling. They should also be personalized rather than repetitious robo-comments. Texas A & M’s Writing Center provides some useful explanation and examples of comments as well as how they connect to the use of rubrics.
Process over Product
Too often feedback is focused after an assignment is completed; yet, faculty expect students will improve somehow. Feedback is more helpful to the student when it’s provided continually through the process of creating the assignment. Begin providing feedback at the beginning. In whatever subject I teach, for example, we take a bit of time to discuss possible ideas for the project: topic, audience, purpose, mode of presentation, etc. These discussions and the feedback provided from the very beginning do much to prevent students from starting off in a direction that may not fit the assignment’s objectives. Following through on this regularly in class also helps students stay on track while advancing their skills before the final project is due for evaluation. Faculty can also do spot checks using the rubric’s criteria, and working in peer groups on this works well as students learn from one another. Bryan Harris offers seven additional tips to help keep students engaged in learning during process oriented feedback.
Media Rich
Don’t forget the wonderful array of technology that could be used to provide feedback. Increasingly, research is showing that media rich or a multimodal approach to feedback is showing more promise than written feedback alone. Joni Boone and Susan Carlson of Kaplan University recently published a study entitled: “Paper Review Revolution: Screencasting Feedback for Developmental Writers” that documents the success of using screencasting to provide feedback (NADE Digest, 5(3) Fall, 2011, pp. 15-23). As a full-time tutor and writing center director, Boone and Carlson initiated providing feedback that included using Jing to produce an audio file to accompany written feedback. However, this progressed into using Screencasting which allowed tutors to review a paper with both video and audio feedback; students see this more like a face-to-face discussion with the evaluator and a more personal touch (p. 17-18). Although students in the study expressed that they were hoping for guidance on more granular areas like grammar and mechanics, the study showed that students more frequently expressed the intent to improve on larger global issues like improving development, unity, or coherence as they moved forward (p. 20). Boone and Carlson also found that students who received this media rich feedback achieved better grades (average 3.62 GPA) than students who received written feedback only (average GPA 3.13) or no feedback (average GPA 1.4) (p. 21).
While the four tips above may seem time intensive, in reality, they are not. Creating a solid rubric and a focus on process throughout the course rather than waiting until the assignment is submitted to sort out a less focused response to an assignment prompt will save time. Likewise, Boone and Carlson found that the screencasting method they describe was no more time intensive than providing written comments alone (p. 18). Given that these methods produce greater student satisfaction and success while making faculty feel their time, energy and efforts in providing quality feedback have paid off is well worth the effort.

Setting Boundaries with Needy Students

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Most educators have had students who push the limits in regard to needing help with assignments, skills, and/or personal issues. Teachers tend to be caring, compassionate people with “rescuer” tendencies, so they can easily be overwhelmed by these students. For example, you may have an individual in a class who constantly wants to reply to questions, dominate discussions, get your undivided attention on the progress of their assignment, etc., or you may have students who want to pull you aside to share their latest personal crisis and seek your advice. Perhaps the most awkward example is a student with some reasonable accommodations who tries to push these well beyond their intent.
So what is a caring teacher to do? This post should help.
The 90/10 Rule
Dr. Mary McKinney stated the larger context of this issue well when she labeled this the 90/10 Rule (2003). McKinney explains that often people will talk about how 80% of the stress in our lives comes from only 20% of our problems (2003). This is also known as the Pareto Principle after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who noticed that 80/20 splits are common in human culture, and relationship expert Dr. Adam Sheck explains that this does apply to our relationships (18 January, 2011). McKinney, however, explains that when it comes to the relationship between needy students and teachers, the rule narrows to 90/10, meaning that 90% of a teacher’s stress derives from 10% of the students—specifically, these needy, disruptive students.

Most of us in education would probably agree and add the frustration that this 10% takes up the largest portion of our time and energy. Beyond the actual interaction with these students, there may be forms to complete, resources to find, meetings to attend, etc. Many of us at times also feel unprepared and untrained to deal with some of the issues needy students present. For instance, most of us do not hold credentials in mental health counseling to assist a student who we suspect may benefit from that sort of assistance.
Sheck does offer the start of a solution. He points out that in these situations, people—in this case teachers—need to pick their battles wisely (18 January, 2011). We may not be able to change a needy, disruptive student, but we can certainly choose the most stressful behavior, make recommendations to the student, and hold him or her to it, for instance.
Ideally, however, we could prevent these situations from occurring in the first place.
An Ounce of Prevention
There are some steps faculty should take prior to and at the start of each class; these should then be maintained throughout the semester.
Be Prepared: One way to reduce the incidence of disruptions from attention-seeking students is to plan a class that is well managed and engaging for students while setting up boundaries on your time. For instance, McKinney suggests not being available to students 24/7; rather set up clear policies for how you handle email and other communication (e.g., only during office hours) (2003). She also suggests establishing clear policies about late papers and missed exams (2003). I would add that you should consider expanding these policies to include other expectations including classroom behavior and interaction; however, do so only within the guidelines of your institution as some do not allow faculty to make any changes to a standard syllabus. Likewise, focus on creating assignments and activities that will keep students actively interested and engaged. Generally, making the course content relevant to students’ lives is a good place to start. McKinney mentions not over-preparing for lessons as this can become an endless pursuit of perfectionism: “Allow yourself to teach a ‘good enough’ class” the first time through; then build upon it each semester as you receive both solicited and unsolicited feedback from students (2003). I would add that being a bit flexible with how you approach a lesson based on the day’s context can sometimes result in a better learning experience.
Be Vigilant: Educators often watch for incidents of cheating, students who appear confused on an assignment, and other such issues that may interfere with their learning. Therefore, observe the behavior of students during the first few days of class. The needy students typically make themselves known early on, so address the behavior the moment it happens. For example, if a student wants to be the center of attention by responding to all of your questions, politely ask them to allow someone else to have a turn; then don’t acknowledge the interrupting student. Also, speak with him/her privately after class with a positive tone and try to redirect the behavior. As a department chair, I would say that almost all of the student issues that were referred to me could have been prevented had faculty responded from the moment a needy student issue arose.
Realistically, we know that not all student situations can be prevented. What can you do when issues occur?
A Pound of Cure
McKinney (2003) quite rightly suggests being fully aware of what campus resources exist and how to refer students to them: counseling and psychological, health, academic, and disability services; staff and administrative support; and even transportation information and security. Sometimes students will offer you information on their situation that is helpful to retain for the future. I once had a student hand me a small laminated poster on different types of seizures and how to respond; I carried that in my classroom notebook for a few years. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to these resources. Sometimes faculty feel as if it may reflect badly upon them to refer a student to an academic center or to review a situation with their department chair. The opposite is true: Academic centers want to assist and your supervisor will be glad to see you are taking action to address an issue rather than letting it intensify.
McKinney (2003) also suggests setting a limit on how much time you will spend with a needy student because it is unfair to your other students to let one dominate your time. I used to place a signup sheet on my office door for students to sign up for 15-minute blocks of time; this helped most focus on what they needed to discuss with me, and it gave me a way to end a needy student’s intrusion upon my time. Do be cautious with this, however. To avoid any issues with privacy laws, I would suggest providing students with a random number or something to protect their identity. The signup sheet could also be digital (e.g., a shared document in Google Docs) to limit viewers. The reason for the appointment should never be listed. With these pre-established time limits, you could bring closure to a conversation with a referral to other resources.
The most difficult and probably the most frequently given piece of advice is to avoid letting the student draw you into their mess. You are providing them with the quality classroom experience they signed up for; you’ve shared some relevant resources. You are not responsible for providing advice on their personal lives; you do not need to give them a ride to and from campus; and you certainly do not need to hand over the management of your class to a needy student. McKinney (2003) suggests learning to be respectful, professional, calm, and in control during even the most difficult student exchanges. This is not easy, but frequently this approach along with some redirection works to diffuse a needy student. I would also suggest debriefing yourself after a difficult student situation by venting to a colleague or consulting with your supervisor.
Overall, these common sense tips can help when faced with needy students. Keep in mind that just because you care and want your students to succeed, you do not have to turn yourself into a martyr for their cause. Remember, too, that by adhering to the above, you are being a good role model to your students and providing them with the tools that can help them become less needy in the future.

The 10 Most Impressive Virtual High Schools in the U.S.

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To us, virtual high schools sound like something from The Jetsons, but instead of existing in a world with robot maids and flying cars, they’re here today, and they are really cool. These online schools offer incredible opportunities to homeschoolers, dropouts returning to high school, students with busy schedules, and others who just enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and opportunity provided by virtual learning. We’ve discovered 10 really impressive virtual high schools, including tuition-free and even 3D virtual world schools, that we hope you’ll check out.

  1. VHS

    Virtual High School, founded in 1996, is among the very first virtual high schools ever created. Their typical student is one from a brick-and-mortar high school, taking courses that are not offered on campus. Ashley Munroe, a student from Westerly High School in Rhode Island is taking Mandarin Chinese from VHS, a course designed to further her future career in political science. Teachers involved with the VHS program laud it as “the future of teaching and learning” and “great college prep,” as it allows students to work independently, budgeting their time to meet deadlines, even as they complete other classes at a brick-and-mortar institution.
  2. WiloStar3d

    Ever wonder what it’s like to go to high school in a 3D virtual world? WiloStar3D’s students don’t have to wonder; they know. Through this interactive online homeschooling program, students study in an interactive 3D campus environment that is an ideal setting for gifted, bright students that enjoy creative opportunities. In addition to being an awesome 3D world, WiloStar3D shares innovative educational methodologies, including online role playing, video gaming, and other educational technology offerings.
  3. Stanford University Online High School

    Students can attend Stanford University before they’ve even left the seventh grade. Through Stanford’s Online High School program, gifted students can enjoy a challenging educational program administered by the highly respected university. Like VHS, Stanford’s OHS program is designed to be a college preparatory experience for students, sharing a flexible college-style class schedule that helps students build time management skills. But perhaps one of the most interesting things about Stanford’s program is that it goes beyond the online classroom, bringing students together through clubs and an intensive residential summer program at the university, giving students the opportunity to experience education on a college campus at a young age.
  4. Insight School of Minnesota

    This online public high school offers more than 120 courses benefiting from nationally-recognized curriculum, part of a program that is highly individualized and offers multiple paths that each student can choose. As a public school, it is tuition-free (really), and even provides its students with school-issued laptops. Unlike many virtual high schools, Insight makes it a point to offer extracurricular activities, including dances, graduation ceremonies, and field trips, all designed to bring their online students together socially.
  5. Primavera Online High School

    Another tuition-free public high school, Primavera offers a high quality of education to its students for absolutely nothing. This school’s program is based on active discussion, interactive workbooks, and even blogs that keep students connected to their instructors and classmates. Courses utilize a multimedia-based format that is enjoyable for modern students, and the school has courses that start every two weeks, offering lots of flexibility for students who need it. Primavera has fun events, including a prom, graduation, concerts, and college day. There are several clubs available to students at Primavera as well, including Young Parent Support Group and Student Government.

  1. K12

    K12′s virtual school is one of the biggest providers of online high school education, offering its stand-alone site, as well as branded sites licensed by a number of school districts. Both options offered by K12 deliver impressive results. Through a combination of state of the art lessons, individual learning plans, and supportive learning coaches, students enrolled in K12′s courses are able to not only do well, but perform better than their peers in brick-and-mortar schools. In the 2010-2011 school year, K12 students outperformed the Scantron Norm Group in all grades in reading, and in eight of nine grades in math. In this school, students are expected to take an active role in their education, with parents or teachers performing a supportive role, an arrangement that results in independent, thoughtful students.
  2. BYU Independent Study

    Brigham Young University offers an online independent study program with not just high school level courses, but university, middle school, and personal enrichment courses as well, with more than 500 courses available. What we’re really impressed by is BYU’s level of support offering instructor-guided courses, including live video chats, online discussion board collaborations, and even interactive labs. Non-credit courses are free, and scholarship opportunities are available for high school students. High school students between 14 and 18 years old can complete a standard or advanced high school program through BYU’s online school and receive an official transcript.
  3. Penn Foster

    Penn Foster has been in the business of distance learning for more than 75 years, and they’ve recently gone virtual, offering online education for students starting at grade nine. There is a full diploma program for students in high school, and the school is among the lowest for tuition rates associated with all-inclusive diploma programs. Penn Foster is well-suited for high school students with vocational interest, as it offers vocational courses and full career programs, giving students a great opportunity to prepare for their future career, even in high school. Penn Foster is also excellent for students who have dropped out, need to complete their diploma, or would like to participate in Advanced Placement classes that their own high school may not provide.
  4. Carpe Diem

    Like many others, the Carpe Diem Collegiate School mixes virtual education with brick-and-mortar classroom learning, creating a blended learning school with amazing academic gains. Carpe Diem’s approach to learning has really paid off, reaching a level of 95% proficiency in all subjects in Arizona, a state with about 50% proficiency. We’re impressed by this school’s performance, but we’re even more interested in Carpe Diem’s students: many of the school’s students suffer from great socioeconomic challenges and have a history of struggling academically.
  5. Allied National High School

    Designed with homeschoolers in mind, Allied National High School is one of the most flexible virtual high schools available to students today. Students can take college prep courses, take advantage of transfer options, earn college credit, and enroll at any time of the year. ANHS has flexible scheduling and start dates, so students can set their own schedule and work at a comfortable pace, making it an ideal option for students who need to earn additional credits, get a head start, or earn college credit. After high school, ANHS students can move on to Allied American University, the school’s college option.

Why You Should Check ActiveX Controls before Operating Them

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When you access internet using any browsers, you will mostly visit many websites containing various web-based applications, such as flash files, dynamic forms, PDF reader and that of other document types, Java applet, games, and many other applications and components that can immediately run on the browser. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to access those websites, you will need to download certain ActiveX controls that are needed to enable the operation of those web-based applications and components. If you use other browsers, you need to download different plug-ins for different applications and components. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome also have a specific plug-in that can be used to operate ActiveX controls that are normally run on Internet Explorer.

ActiveX controls are proprietary software developed by Microsoft to improve its Internet Explorer’s browsing capability. Because they are Microsoft’s proprietary software, they are normally only able to run on Internet Explorer. However, because there are many websites, especially those whose pages use ASP (active server page) extension, that are using those controls, other browsers, particularly Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, try to equip themselves with a special plug-in that can be used to run those controls.

There are obviously many advantages of using ActiveX controls on a webpage because they make that webpage more interactive and elegant. In addition, those controls also improve the functionality of that webpage. However, ActiveX controls are not necessarily advantageous for a webpage because not all ActiveX controls are signed by Microsoft. There are also ActiveX controls that are not signed by Microsoft and those controls are potential carriers of malwares and other malicious web contents.

For this reason, if you frequently use your computer to access internet and you use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your primary internet browser, you have to make sure you can prevent any unsigned ActiveX controls from infiltrating your computer. If you inevitably have to use those unsigned controls, make sure they won’t cause harm to your computer. Normally, when you try to download or access an ActiveX control, Internet Explorer will question you through its information bar about whether you want to allow that control to be opened in your computer or not. If you press NO, Internet Explorer will immediately abort the downloading or operating process. However, many people regard this procedure as hassling because if they only rely on this protection procedure, they will have to recurrently press their Internet Explorer’s information bar. And because if you press YES you are giving permission to an ActiveX control to be operated by your computer, there is a chance that you will allow dangerous ActiveX controls to harm your computer. If you want to avoid such hassle and security problem, you should get all ActiveX controls that you use checked by online active x test service.

You can also troubleshoot several problems relating to ActiveX controls if you get those controls checked. Among those problems is your inability to download a certain ActiveX control because Internet Explorer includes website from which that control is downloaded in its restricted list or because it just prevents that control from being downloaded.

Besttermpaper Is The Best Term Paper Writing Service

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Have you ever worked for any term paper? Any idea what about this? Properly, term paper is one of the most typical duties directed at pupils which are regarded also as one of the most difficult jobs. You must involve some educational and/ or perhaps scientific processes. You have to write the particular document in line with the specific file format regarding writing. Furthermore, it's also advisable to realize that papers writing possess a number of kinds including school assignment and research paper. You will probably find a few issues to complete the task. You might have another thing to do this which you can't focus on working for the particular paper. Therefore, locating the assist that you simply need to finish the job is essential when you get the difficulties to finish the task. Besides, obtaining the aid could possibly be helpful to allow you to realize more about crafting the papers well.

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Creating an composition is really a pleasure with this company. That's the reason right here you'll always be supplied with paper to publish a great article in which completely meets your academic requirements. Mcdougal of the article businesses gain access to various info options that assist them in formulating tips to become introduced written your essay. It has been established which businesses that write customized documents created from this level allows you unparalleled combination. Immediately buy your article now and see a large improvement it can make inside your academic existence.

Mobile Security

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As mobile phones are lost is often recommended that the password is not saved automatically. This defeats the purpose of blocking the phone in the first place. In fact, it is advisable to have passwords stored on the phone for banking websites. Ambitious thieves could easily defraud victims, stealing their bank accounts in a timely manner. It is recommended to people with email access on their phones will not open any attachments. Malware and spyware can easily infiltrate into the phone and install itself.

You may not be immediately aware of self-installation of spyware or malware. An important clue is a noticeable drop in processing speed of your laptop. Some forms of malware actually masquerading as security software anti-virus, infiltrating your computer fraudulently. Always check the control panel of your laptop for a list of installed programs and take note of any suspicious programs or unrecognized. Despite freeware or shareware can be tempting, it is possible that such programs are infected with malware that could steal important data and eventually destroy the hard drive.

Mobile Device Security

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In addition, security patches are often late and sometimes only apply to specific versions of previous system. These poor practices are bad for businesses, individuals and companies alike.Enterprise customers should demand stronger security features like Google and Apple. These existing mobile providers operating system needed to respond with a higher level of security functionality. And now we can see that new, more secure mobile operating system arise.

The use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and tablets continue to grow and gradually erode the market for laptops. Productivity tools such as docking stations give mobile devices the ability to act as a permanent job, while sacrificing mobility.

Because of this, the security issues will become more visible and urgent security solutions. We'll have to see a greater emphasis on the development of safety-related applications and solutions. There is a huge market opportunity for companies willing to offer effective solutions for mobile security.

Needs of Mobile Security Software

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Mobile security software works like most anti-virus software on computers, who defends his team. But since the mobile security software is for mobile devices, which have to be different.

Mobile software protects you from viruses. The virus can be obtained by simply downloading something quietly. Viruses are very simple to get, hard to find, and can be very bad for your mobile device.

Another thing that mobile security is that it gets rid of snoopware. Snoopware can download similar to a virus, but snoopware got a hold of the camera, take pictures and videos when you do not want. This can be especially serious if the hacker behind it access to personal information or address.

With MSS can also get a list of black / white list. The blacklist is a list of people and phone numbers you do not want to receive the data. This means that if you try to call or text you can not contact you. The white list is the list of people you know and want to receive calls and texts

They also usually include an anti-spam. Anti-Spam is a way to block texts that are just spam, or trying to sell something. This is very useful to reduce the time devoted to reading texts. Read More

Smartphone and Mobile Security

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A few statistics to consider ... 36% of network attacks come from business end-user devices, and according to the 2010 study data Breach, 28% of attacks occur through various social networks that employees enjoy in their smartphones. Monitoring these types of activities and implementation of a usage policy will go a long way in securing sensitive data traveling between the company's corporate network and smartphones employees. With more than 250,000 applications available, and the speed at which to enter the market, it is understandable that not all applications are reviewed before they are available for download. This is a huge source of vulnerability and an increasingly attractive platform for malicious criminal activity can have devastating effects on your business. Stressing the importance of a policy of using strong, DiCostanzo said: "The policy should define and restrict smartphones can be used in a corporate network. If your phone does not support features such as password protection, or remote wipe data (ability to remotely wipe the phone in case of loss), for example, should not be allowed access to company data. "

Finally, if you already have one or plan to deploy a smart phone business to its workforce, seriously consider the following:

* Education. Make your employees aware of how your smartphone interacts with the network.

* Create and strictly enforce a policy of use, and ensure that security applications are included in the policy.

* Understand that not all smartphones running on the same platform. Phone software packages have holes, and no company is immune to malware and viruses. More information about the various vulnerabilities and safeguards of the smartphone options you are considering.

* Require employees to synchronize their phones regularly, keep sensitive data out of their phones.

* Maintain a corporate firewall and regular monitoring of all server activity.

* Limit permits employees to only what you need to do their work.

* Have authentication protocols in place for access to corporate networks.

* Keep up to date malware definitions and running around the security software.

Needs of Mobile Security Software

Mobile security software works like most anti-virus software on computers, who defends his team. But since the mobile security software is for mobile devices, which have to be different.

Mobile software protects you from viruses. The virus can be obtained by simply downloading something quietly. Viruses are very simple to get, hard to find, and can be very bad for your mobile device.

Another thing that mobile security is that it gets rid of snoopware. Snoopware can download similar to a virus, but snoopware got a hold of the camera, take pictures and videos when you do not want. This can be especially serious if the hacker behind it access to personal information or address.

With MSS can also get a list of black / white list. The blacklist is a list of people and phone numbers you do not want to receive the data. This means that if you try to call or text you can not contact you. The white list is the list of people you know and want to receive calls and texts

They also usually include an anti-spam. Anti-Spam is a way to block texts that are just spam, or trying to sell something. This is very useful to reduce the time devoted to reading texts. Read More

Software for Internet Security

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Stay alert at all times about your security software. Make sure each day that is updated properly and do not face any problems when updating. If so, check with the particular software company immediately, since a slight ignorance of his face could only lead to great results devastating. A more frequent automatic update could mean that the number of threats to their growing team. Always put the computer in the automatic update. This allows you to download all the latest updates available, even if you forget to check out someday.

If you're new computer, make sure you've done your homework. Make a thorough research on the internet software and the best security available, install it on your computer.

Stay alert while remaining connected to the Internet. Keep an eagle eye on their updates Internet security software and any virus or spyware. Get the software of the elite class that I do not regret later when you stay with contaminated equipment. You can search online or ask for views on public discussion forums. You can also buy computer magazines and look up to the latest security software and best of the Internet. The software also will be available in certain stores. However, the online software download would be a much easier job.

Therefore, we must take all the above points in mind when making the choice for Internet security software, because the security of your computer along with your personal information is very important. No one should have access to them by any means.

Website Hacking Tips

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Website hacking is a threat that is becoming more dangerous than the digital era picks and more and more criminals take to cyberspace to wreak havoc on websites and online business confidence. Do not assume that you are safe from the latest virus or worm that may be floating around, especially if you are using more Windows-based applications to power the site. Personal computers are more frequent attacks than any other team, since a greater number of people who own them, and understand that hackers can cause more problems by targeting these entities. If you are part of this large percentage of websites and businesses, has more to worry about than most. That's why we recommend you do the following to protect your site or business:

1) Choose a trusted provider of accommodation.

Web hosting companies are often vigilant in their fight against malware, viruses, worms and Trojans. They do their best to stay ahead of hackers and provide the necessary software updates and hardware solutions needed to avoid being attacked once by a good for nothing good. If you have chosen a trusted provider of hosting, then you have much less to worry about the road. However, it is not yet out of danger, because there are a number of input ports that hackers can use to access your business records. Read More

iPhone Battery

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Then remove the two screws on both sides of the end of the spring. You now want to separate the front display on the rear panel for the coinage of spudger between the front panel of glass and chrome ring. Always be careful not to break the tape still connecting the two panels together. Then remove the wires labeled "1" then "2" in that particular order with the spudger. The last ribbon cable can be released by turning the white holding it in place. This will allow the front and rear cases to become completely separated. Then remove the eight screws holding the motherboard. Undo the tape labeled "4", then lift the motherboard. A tape of going to the camera we will attach. Remove the tape from the camera in particular to put to one side of the motherboard. Pry off the camera to allow the logic board from sliding out. Make sure all the screws holding the logic board is removed first. Pull the battery tab to remove. Replace with a new one and then put the pieces back together in reverse order to which he removed in.

New and Improved iPhone 5 New and Improved iPhone 5

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If the screen exploded, however, will be interesting to see what Apple does, a larger screen would be very attractive to Apple, Steve Jobs, was in the audience for not wanting a larger screen that he thought represented a large part of Android. It would be easier for developers to maintain the same resolution of 960 × 640, but this would reduce the density of pixels on the iPhone iPhone 4 and 4S. There have been many leaks about this, so let's say that Apple makes up the resolution up a bit small, at 1080 × 720. At 4 that would offer a pixel density of 325, only slightly lower than the 330 of 4/4S iPhone, plus it would retain the aspect ratio as the iPhone has always used.This is very simple: if the iPhone is not thinner than the iPhone Five 4/4S. It would be punishing to think that Apple did not reduce the thickness as many Android phones are already alot thinner than the iPhone Four S. high-end Android phones like the RZR Droid Nexus and Google are already thinner than the iPhone. I can not understand the organization that made the MacBook Air that passes from generation alternative, without removing the iPhone ridiculously thin. For the worry of having a strong image for our idea of ​​fantasy, let's assume that it will sevenmm dense, thin hair the first Razr Android.

Home button

Why however, ask about the start button, whereas it was virtually identical on all iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch? There have been several leaks that Apple will move up to the iPhone in the future. Read More

Digital Security System

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A safety system test helps to evaluate the safety and vulnerability of a system. There are several forms of digital security system test team can assess the strength of the security protocol that protects a network. Vulnerability analysis involves running diagnostic scans to detect flaws in the security of a network or system. Penetration testing involves actually attack the system in order to exploit possible vulnerabilities. Penetration testing puts network security organization or the offensive team to give you an idea of ​​how the system will perform under fire.

Digital security vulnerability

Vulnerability, in the language of computer security, is a weakness or a set of weaknesses that allows a hacker to reduce or prevent a computer system to protect the information. There are three elements to the vulnerability of digital security: a security weakness of a company, the knowledge of a hacker that weakness, and the ability of hackers to exploit the weakness. To attack a computer or network security, the attacker must have some device or technique that allows him or her to exploit the vulnerability in the system. In the case of a real attack, the vulnerability is known as the attack surface. Read More

ADT Security System

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Keeping the home safe can be a concern today, not only for valuables, but also for the safety of you and your family members. Although the price of putting on the best home alarm system can be costly, although they admit that the thieves think twice before hitting households equipped with a security system. ADT security system can offer guarantees, as it serves more to protect against thieves.

There are special circumstances that can specifically take advantage of an ADT monitored security system. As an example, say that a parent travels frequently for business conferences, your husband or wife and the kids really feel safer at home while he is absent using a monitored security system installed. We also feel much better about leaving realize that we are in this type of housing. Or if there is a larger detached house for themselves, close friends and family members could really feel much better about leaving them alone whenever they are fully protected by a security service in the home respectable. Read More

An iPhone Repair Shop

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Problems with the iPhone can be of any type. The screen may be broken or the LCD screen could have started to bleed strange colors or the battery may have died suddenly. For all these problems will not try to self-help instead of getting professional help. When you went to an Apple store that can lure to buy a new replacement or a new iPhone instead of trying to repair the defective part. So go to a repair shop iPhone. These places do not have to spend more money than is required. You can begin pre-selection of sites for iPhone repair. Ask around a bit in your workplace, or ask friends, relatives, etc. Please note the references to several stores and choose what you think is best. Despite all this takes patience, it's easier with a lot of options. Call the stores that have been shortlisted or visit the website and conduct a little research. If it is too difficult for you to get to the store for service, you can call home technician.

An iPhone repair shop is present in most large cities. You may have to live without your iPhone for at least 24 hours. The repair of an iPhone is almost an art. Therefore, choose a repair shop that repairs iPhones too. What should have been the end of an old iPhone can be avoided with a good repair option. If it is a water damage or a USB port problem or damage the screen or repair the volume control, you need to get to the right place for effective service. Call a service shop for the iPhone that is near you and get your iPhone working again.

Tips for Keeping Your iPhone Protected

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Methods to keep your iPhone safe

Never shower with iPhone - The biggest problem with the shower with your iPhone in the room is that the steam is introduced into the phone and cause rust and corrosion of parts. If you look to take the phone into the bathroom with you every time you go, then I recommend you put a shirt or something over it so that no moisture reaches it. Put the cover on the screen - the best part of a display cover is going to protect your phone from scratches and minor cracks. The reason for this assistance because the bulk of the front screen, the harder you have to really breaking down. Another thing I suggest is that off the screen in towards your body when it is in your pocket. All the reasoning behind this is to eliminate accidental cracks due in part to the performance in corners or up from the table too fast.

Lock the phone - One of the things that a lot of people that is often lock your phone and this is a very easy thing to do. Phone lock is a way to make sure the phone is not taken. What normally happens is that if an iPhone is locked to the person you just put it down and did not even bother with it. Trust me, phone lock is easy and it works.

Now that you know a lot of different ways to keep your phone safe, I recommend that you do. Do not just think that nothing can happen to your phone, take care of it because most of the problems are because of basic errors.

Update and troubleshoot your iPad

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Your iPhone will notify you if there are changes to the applications you have purchased. Is it your best interest to upgrade applications when an update is available? Application Updates are usually bug fixes and introduce new features. Updates are also free to apply their version of the current application. When the iPhone needs to be updated, you will see a red number with a circle in the App Store icon. The number in the red circle is the number of applications that have to be udpate. Not only will you be notified if iPad applications must be updated see the same red circle on iTunes too.

To update your applications on the iPad, follow these instructions:

1) Press the App Store icon to view the applications must be updated.

2) Tap the name of the program to be upgraded. Or, you can update all playing the "Update All".

3) The iPad will ask for your password in iTunes. Sign in with your iPhone will start downloading the updates.  Read More

Turning off Float- Using Clear

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Elements after the floating elements will flow around it. To avoid this, use the clear property. The clear property specifies sides of an element other floating elements are not allowed. Add a text line into the image gallery, using the clear property.

How Elements float

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Elements are floated horizontally; this means that an element can only be floated left or right, not up or down. A floated element will move as far to the left or right as it can. Usually this means all the way to the left or right of the containing element. The elements after the floating element will flow around it. The elements before the floating element will not be affected. If an image is floated to the right, a following text flows around it, to the left:
Floating Elements Next to each other
If you place several floating elements after each other, they will float next to each other if there is room. Here we have made an image gallery using the float property.
float: left;
width: 110px;
height: 90px;
margin: 5px;