Why You Should Check ActiveX Controls before Operating Them

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When you access internet using any browsers, you will mostly visit many websites containing various web-based applications, such as flash files, dynamic forms, PDF reader and that of other document types, Java applet, games, and many other applications and components that can immediately run on the browser. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to access those websites, you will need to download certain ActiveX controls that are needed to enable the operation of those web-based applications and components. If you use other browsers, you need to download different plug-ins for different applications and components. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome also have a specific plug-in that can be used to operate ActiveX controls that are normally run on Internet Explorer.

ActiveX controls are proprietary software developed by Microsoft to improve its Internet Explorer’s browsing capability. Because they are Microsoft’s proprietary software, they are normally only able to run on Internet Explorer. However, because there are many websites, especially those whose pages use ASP (active server page) extension, that are using those controls, other browsers, particularly Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, try to equip themselves with a special plug-in that can be used to run those controls.

There are obviously many advantages of using ActiveX controls on a webpage because they make that webpage more interactive and elegant. In addition, those controls also improve the functionality of that webpage. However, ActiveX controls are not necessarily advantageous for a webpage because not all ActiveX controls are signed by Microsoft. There are also ActiveX controls that are not signed by Microsoft and those controls are potential carriers of malwares and other malicious web contents.

For this reason, if you frequently use your computer to access internet and you use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your primary internet browser, you have to make sure you can prevent any unsigned ActiveX controls from infiltrating your computer. If you inevitably have to use those unsigned controls, make sure they won’t cause harm to your computer. Normally, when you try to download or access an ActiveX control, Internet Explorer will question you through its information bar about whether you want to allow that control to be opened in your computer or not. If you press NO, Internet Explorer will immediately abort the downloading or operating process. However, many people regard this procedure as hassling because if they only rely on this protection procedure, they will have to recurrently press their Internet Explorer’s information bar. And because if you press YES you are giving permission to an ActiveX control to be operated by your computer, there is a chance that you will allow dangerous ActiveX controls to harm your computer. If you want to avoid such hassle and security problem, you should get all ActiveX controls that you use checked by online active x test service.

You can also troubleshoot several problems relating to ActiveX controls if you get those controls checked. Among those problems is your inability to download a certain ActiveX control because Internet Explorer includes website from which that control is downloaded in its restricted list or because it just prevents that control from being downloaded.