Credit Card RFID Technology

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As more credit card issuers offer "contactless card processing credit processing," a growing concern and debate over RFID technology is generated. RFID technology or RFID, allows the payment of credit to be read without manual input or physically swipe the card through a reader. RFID cards are facing a special reader and the information is transmitted via radio frequency.

How does RFID technology

not a radio frequency chip embedded in each card with RFID technology. The chip can be read by a POS terminal with a special reader designed to retrieve information from the account of the integrated chips.

The history of RFID

JP Morgan Chase credit cards introduced radio frequency in 2005, calling it "technology to open and close." They had the option to be used as regular cards (passed through the traditional credit terminal processing in the starting line), or the use of radio frequency technology by shaking in front of a special reader for contactless payments.Today, all card issuers offer RFID technology, including MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express.

Benefits of RFID sensors

To minimize accidental processing as people walk by readers, the card has to be within 4 inches of the reader.