Technology enlightening education

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Technology has been changing the world ever since the dawn of history. Century by century the human race has sustained ever change. Today that we are living in 21st century, our lives are so much dependent on technology. Since birth till the very last breath, we are all surrounded by technology (i.e. Hospital machineries).this technology has been doing wonders in several domains of our lives. One such domain is the education sector.

The education rector today has changed a lot with the introduction of technology in it. And this change is for good. With the advent of technology in education the entire concept of education has gone to an all new level. Technology is so prevalent in today's classroom that they no longer look like traditional classrooms. Here are some exhibits-

Presence of computers in classroom- Every class in today's scenario has at least one computer. This, one computer changes the entire traditional setting into a modern one. This computer does wonders in the classroom. This is the case in primary education. The story is apparently different for students pursuing GCSE training or A level training. Over there, every student has his/her own laptop rather than books. What a change.  

School Websites: Gone are the days when teachers used to write notes in students' diaries, give away written materials to study, print outs of holiday home work etc. Now all these information are available at the school website. Every student has an account on the website with a unique id and password. A student can login with that and seek out all the relevant information tailored specially for his/her peer group. Life made easy.   

White boards and projectors: Technology has swept away the traditional boards on which teachers used to write with the help of a chalk and rub it off later with a duster. Now classes have white boards used for multiple purposes. A teacher writes on it with the help of a temporary marker, while teaching the students and also uses it as a screen to the projector attached with the computer in order to give multimedia presentations. Indeed, the education system is getting high tech.

Educational blogs and forums: The education is no more confined to only the classroom walls. It has rather become global. Students from all over the world brainstorm over different educational topics over educational blogs and forums with the help of internet. This way, students have now started thinking on a bigger and broader perspective. They think not just locally but globally.

Wireless devices and online training: There are several wireless mobile devices that have changed the educational scenario to a great degree. These devices include smartphones, tablets, notepads etc. With the help of all these students now study on the move. They access to several online courses gain what is called as extra education along with their regular courses. Students are certainly becoming smarter.

The above exhibits are only few of the myriad exhibits backing the fact that technology has changed the entire education system to a great extent and it will keep changing with the advancement in technology.